Bandla Ganesh Babu, who is one of the leading producers of Telugu film industry, says that he wants to make a better film than "Baahubali", which has become one of the biggest money spinners in recent times.

The huge success of "Baahubali" has made director S S Rajamouli a role model for aspiring filmmakers in the Telugu film industry. The industry is known for its formulaic movies, where mass elements like heroism, action, dance, songs and comedy get more importance than the concept or story.

However, after 'Baahubali', even established producers are getting ready to change their mindset and filmmaking style. And Bandla Ganesh Babu is one among them. "I thank Rajamouli for taking Telugu cinema to the world map. I want to make a better film than Baahubali, hope i would. bless me," the "Gabbar Singh" producer tweeted in Telugu.

"Baahubali", released in four languages - Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi - on July 10, has shattered box office records. Rajamouli has won laurels from critics and viewers alike for the magum opus.

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