Indian TV diva Asha Negi has been making a lot of headlines ever since her web series was released. Fans are applauding her performance and brooding chemistry with Sharman Joshi in the second season of online series produced by Ekta Kapoor. Asha has opened up about her experience of working in the web series in many interviews and also shed some light on the fun-filled moments, off-camera.

Though Asha is right now bathing in the success and fame of Baarish 2, she recently opened up about the struggles and hardships she has to face due to back to back failure of her shows. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Asha got candid about the emotional hurricane she had to face professionally, which led to depression.

Asha Negi

'Back to back flops led to depression'

Asha poured her heart out in the interview and revealed, "Emotions did ride high when the two shows didn't work. When the first show did not work, I was like 'it is okay, maybe I have had a good career in the past, so one not working is okay.' But then the next also did not work and I was really disheartened. I was so demotivated."

Asha Negi
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'I thought my career was over'

The entertainment industry is a shiny place, where there is a cut-throat competition. While some make it to the top, others fail. Sometimes reaching the heights is easier than maintaining your position as every day, new talent is emerging. So it becomes really difficult for a celebrity to find mental peace amid such chaos.

Asha Negi and sharman joshi
Still from Asha Negi's web series Baarish

When Asha's shows were not gathering efficient TRPs, she was discouraged. Talking about the same she said, "I thought it is over for me. I was very depressed at that time. I had also put on weight because I was eating so much because of depression. It did hamper my mental peace and confidence."

'I collect myself, evolved as an actor'

When life throws lemons at you, you might not be able to make lemonade at that moment but there are thousands of other things for which that lemon can be used. Similarly, when we are surrounded by hardships, it becomes difficult for us to see beyond the dark clouds. We tend to absorb the negativity and react in a certain way, but one should always try and stand up and work out with the things he/she has in hands.

Asha Negi and sharman

Being a strong lady, Asha also picked herself from the ashes and emerged like a phoenix. Throwing some lights on how she battled her depression she said, "I let it happen and went through that feeling. With time, I healed and realised that I am an actor and here to perform and it is okay if my projects did not work, but I can be a little selective with my projects. I won't pick up any project for the heck of it. That's why I took a long break because nothing good was offered to me."

A still from Baarish

"I am glad it happened. You know, when I had to come to Mumbai, I got projects back to back without much struggle despite my inexperience. I did not see struggle then, so, I feel this is when I struggled. I collected myself then, and with time, I evolved as an actor and person," she added.