New Zealand's men's clothing company I Love Ugly has come under fire for an ad campaign for their jewellery line. The ad featured hands of men, flaunting jewellery, around various parts of naked, faceless women.

The images from the campaign, which drew flak from feminists for objectifying women and using the female body as a prop to display the rings worn by a man, are no longer available on I Love Ugly's Facebook page.

The photographs, first posted by fashion and art website Highsnobiety, showed men's hands on women's breasts, vagina and butts. The men were fully clothed and faceless as well.

Social media was abuzz with their response to the ad campaign.

The company tweeted, "Mixed reviews about our latest ring campaign. Some love it, some hate it. If you're nervous about something, you're onto something good."

"If you're nervous about something, it's probably because you know it's grossly offensive," one person responded to their tweet. 

In response to the criticism, I Love Ugly then shared images of women's hands wearing the jewellery around naked torso of men. 

One wonders how the answer to sexism aimed towards women is by objectifying men!