Coaches and players of theall the I-League 2017-18 teams during the launch of the league in New DelhiAIFF Media

The I-League 2017-18 season gets under way on super Saturday with Punjab-based Minerva FC taking on former I-League champions Mohun Bagan.

A total of ten teams are a part of the Indian football tournament this team around, which also includes a developmental side known as the 'Indian Arrows'.

Youngsters from the India U-17 football side, who played a part in the FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017 recently, will play alongside players from the India U-19 football team, for 'Indian Arrows'.

Full schedule of I-League 2017-18:

Date Time Home team Away team Venue
25-Nov-17 17:30 Minerva Punjab FC Mohun Bagan Ludhiana
27-Nov-17 17:30 Shillong Lajong FC Gokulam Kerala FC Shillong
28-Nov-17 20:00 Kingfisher East Bengal Aizawl FC Kolkata
TBD TBD Indian Arrows Chennai City FC TBD
1-Dec-17 17:30 Minerva Punjab FC Neroca FC Ludhiana
3-Dec-17 14:00 Mohun Bagan Kingfisher East Bengal Kolkata
4-Dec-17 14:00 Shillong Lajong FC Churchill Brothers Shillong
TBD TBD Indian Arrows Minerva Punjab FC TBD
6-Dec-17 14:00 Gokulam Kerala FC Chennai City FC Kozhikode
9-Dec-17 14:00 Gokulam Kerala FC Neroca FC Kozhikode
9-Dec-17 17:30 Kingfisher East Bengal Shillong Lajong FC Kolkata
10-Dec-17 14:00 Mohun Bagan Churchill Brothers Kolkata
11-Dec-17 20:00 Minerva Punjab FC Chennai City FC Ludhiana
13-Dec-17 14:00 Aizawl FC Churchill Brothers Aizawl
14-Dec-17 17:30 Mohun Bagan Shillong Lajong FC Kolkata
15-Dec-17 14:00 Neroca FC Chennai City FC Imphal
16-Dec-17 17:30 Kingfisher East Bengal Churchill Brothers Kolkata
18-Dec-17 14:00 Aizawl FC Shillong Lajong FC Aizawl
18-Dec-17 20:00 Minerva Punjab FC Indian Arrows Ludhiana
19-Dec-17 14:00 Mohun Bagan Neroca FC Kolkata
19-Dec-17 20:00 Churchill Brothers Chennai City FC Goa
22-Dec-17 14:00 Indian Arrows Gokulam Kerala FC Delhi
22-Dec-17 17:30 Shillong Lajong FC Neroca FC Shillong
23-Dec-17 14:00 Chennai City FC Kingfisher East Bengal Coimbatore
26-Dec-17 17:30 Indian Arrows Shillong Lajong FC Delhi
26-Dec-17 20:00 Churchill Brothers Mohun Bagan Goa
27-Dec-17 14:00 Aizawl FC Minerva Punjab FC Aizawl
27-Dec-17 20:00 Kingfisher East Bengal Gokulam Kerala FC Kolkata
29-Dec-17 17:30 Mohun Bagan Indian Arrows Kolkata
30-Dec-17 14:00 Neroca FC Kingfisher East Bengal Imphal
30-Dec-17 17:30 Churchill Brothers Minerva Punjab FC Goa
31-Dec-17 14:00 Gokulam Kerala FC Aizawl FC Kozhikode
2-Jan-18 20:00 Mohun Bagan Chennai City FC Kolkata
2-Jan-18 14:00 Indian Arrows Kingfisher East Bengal Delhi
5-Jan-18 14:00 Neroca FC Indian Arrows Imphal
5-Jan-18 17:30 Shillong Lajong FC Chennai City FC Shillong
6-Jan-18 14:00 Churchill Brothers Kingfisher East Bengal Goa
6-Jan-18 17:30 Gokulam Kerala FC Minerva Punjab FC Kozhikode
7-Jan-18 14:00 Mohun Bagan Aizawl FC Kolkata
8-Jan-18 20:00 Shillong Lajong FC Indian Arrows Shillong
9-Jan-18 20:00 Chennai City FC Neroca FC Coimbatore
10-Jan-18 17:30 Mohun Bagan Minerva Punjab FC Kolkata
12-Jan-18 17:30 Gokulam Kerala FC Indian Arrows Kozhikode
13-Jan-18 14:00 Aizawl FC Chennai City FC Aizawl
13-Jan-18 17:30 Kingfisher East Bengal Mohun Bagan Kolkata
14-Jan-18 14:00 Shillong Lajong FC Minerva Punjab FC Shillong
15-Jan-18 20:00 Gokulam Kerala FC Churchill Brothers Kozhikode
16-Jan-18 20:00 Indian Arrows Neroca FC Delhi
19-Jan-18 17:30 Churchill Brothers Shillong Lajong FC Goa
20-Jan-18 14:00 Aizawl FC Neroca FC Aizawl
20-Jan-18 17:30 Gokulam Kerala FC Mohun Bagan Kozhikode
21-Jan-18 14:00 Kingfisher East Bengal Minerva Punjab FC Kolkata
22-Jan-18 20:00 Churchill Brothers Indian Arrows Goa
23-Jan-18 14:00 Neroca FC Shillong Lajong FC Imphal
25-Jan-18 14:00 Aizawl FC Mohun Bagan Aizawl
27-Jan-18 14:00 Neroca FC Minerva Punjab FC Imphal
27-Jan-18 17:30 Chennai City FC Indian Arrows Coimbatore
28-Jan-18 14:00 Gokulam Kerala FC Shillong Lajong FC Kozhikode
29-Jan-18 14:00 Aizawl FC Kingfisher East Bengal Aizawl
30-Jan-18 14:00 Churchill Brothers Neroca FC Goa
3-Feb-18 14:00 Chennai City FC Aizawl FC Coimbatore
3-Feb-18 17:30 Shillong Lajong FC Mohun Bagan Shillong
4-Feb-18 14:00 Neroca FC Gokulam Kerala FC Imphal
5-Feb-18 20:00 Kingfisher East Bengal Indian Arrows Kolkata
6-Feb-18 17:30 Churchill Brothers Aizawl FC Goa
6-Feb-18 20:00 Chennai City FC Mohun Bagan Coimbatore
10-Feb-18 14:00 Neroca FC Aizawl FC Imphal
10-Feb-18 17:30 Indian Arrows Churchill Brothers Delhi
11-Feb-18 14:00 Chennai City FC Shillong Lajong FC Coimbatore
12-Feb-18 20:00 Mohun Bagan Gokulam Kerala FC Kolkata
13-Feb-18 20:00 Minerva Punjab FC Kingfisher East Bengal Ludhiana
14-Feb-18 14:00 Neroca FC Churchill Brothers Imphal
16-Feb-18 17:30 Indian Arrows Aizawl FC Delhi
17-Feb-18 14:00 Gokulam Kerala FC Kingfisher East Bengal Kozhikode
17-Feb-18 17:30 Chennai City FC Churchill Brothers Coimbatore
18-Feb-18 14:00 Neroca FC Mohun Bagan Imphal
19-Feb-18 20:00 Shillong Lajong FC Aizawl FC Shillong
20-Feb-18 20:00 Minerva Punjab FC Gokulam Kerala FC Ludhiana
23-Feb-18 14:00 Aizawl FC Indian Arrows Aizawl
23-Feb-18 17:30 Minerva Punjab FC Shillong Lajong FC Ludhiana
24-Feb-18 17:30 Kingfisher East Bengal Chennai City FC Kolkata
25-Feb-18 14:00 Churchill Brothers Gokulam Kerala FC Goa
26-Feb-18 20:00 Minerva Punjab FC Aizawl FC Ludhiana
27-Feb-18 20:00 Kingfisher East Bengal Neroca FC Kolkata
TBD 17:30 Chennai City FC Minerva Punjab FC Coimbatore
TBD 14:00 Aizawl FC Gokulam Kerala FC Aizawl
TBD 17:30 Indian Arrows Mohun Bagan Delhi
TBD 14:00 Shillong Lajong FC Kingfisher East Bengal Shillong
TBD 20:00 Chennai City FC Gokulam Kerala FC Coimbatore
TBD 20:00 Minerva Punjab FC Churchill Brothers Ludhiana

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