The pandemic has left everybody wondering and confused. The uncertainty is only increasing. Celebrities have also been expressing grief over the matter, and how the situation has impacted their daily lives.

Salman Khan took to Instagram to have a heart-to-heart with fans featuring his nephew Nirvan Khan in the video too. Expressing his fear he said that he's scared about how things are panning out and he hasn't been able to see his family in 3 weeks which is also adding to the worry.

Salman Khan
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Salman Khan worried about lockdown

From positivity to fear, there is a range of emotions everybody is facing on a daily basis as the Coronavirus lockdown proceeds. What makes it harder is the uncertainty of it all. Salman Khan put out an honest video on his Instagram feed for his fans.

In the video with his nephew Nirvan Khan, son of Sohail Khan, the Bollywood actor discussed fear over the crisis. He opened up saying that it has been three weeks since Nirvan and he had seen their respective fathers. Unabashedly Salman said he was scared and that being scared was not a weakness in this crisis.

With his nephew he addressed a dialogue, "Jo darr gaya, samjho mar gaya (Who's scared, can be presumed to die)." The actor said that he is scared and has no qualms in admitting it. He said in this situation the dialogue needs to be changed to, "Jo darr gaya, samjho bacch gaya (Who's scared, will most probably survive)."

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He made an appeal to his audience, asking them to stay home and avoid breaking the rules trying to brave. He said that this isn't the time to be trying to display your daring, and instead be afraid and stay indoors. The actor recently lost his nephew Abdullah Khan and was unable to attend the funeral due to the lockdown. We can only hope the crisis passes soon.