Cute, bubbly and full of life actor Ragini Khanna needs no introduction. She has ruled the Television for over a decade and has entertained us in shows like Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi, Bhaskar Bharti, Sasural Genda Phool.  And has paved her way into Bollywood and the webspace.

The actor has always been part of roles that have made the audience glued to her performances. Hailing from a family lineage of actors. Ragini never took advantage of her uncle Govinda and cousin Krushna Abhishek to make a stepping stone in her career. 

In a Tete-a-Tete with International Business Times India, Ragini Khanna spills the beans on her character in the upcoming film Ghoomketu, her opinions on the ongoing topics like Youtube vs TikTok, the recent OTT and theatre feud and what keeps her going as an actor. 

ragini khanna

Excerpts from the interview:

On her role in Ghoomketu

The film was shot way back and it is releasing now. I play the role of Janki Devi, she is Ghoomketu's wife, she is a very homely person, and knows her values well. Though I have a very short screen time. But it was a great experience being part of it. The director had a vision in mind when he thought of me. So it's a very relatable role and I am glad to be part of this film. I have never gone for the length of the roles. For me the character that I am doing should hold some weightage it should be satisfying.

On getting offered urban roles 

I was offered this role way back, as I mentioned this was shot earlier. I am an actor and for me getting into the skin of the character is utmost important. I was a very silent and an introvert kid it took me time to groom myself. Today I am presentable, I speak up because I have presented by myself in such a way. Everyone is raw no one is born stylish. The only reason I may look urban is that because am fair-skinned, but doing a rural role isn't tough at all. 

With films getting OTT release, will it affect theatres

ragini khanna

No, the thing is everyone has time in their hand, they want to start a topic for discussion. even when there's were on, there were ott releases, nobody objected then, suddenly everyone has started to talk about ott and theatrical releases. Films on OTT are relating as per planned and will remain so even after COVID 19 ends. Having a point of view is healthy, a positive approach towards everything is essential.

On the recent Youtube vs TikTok feud

These are just temporary things, people have a lot of time in their hands so they start something. to each its own. They are in there house, and then these things come up. 

On casting, directors being cast as actors and eating up actors roles

Casting directors don't eat up anyone's role. the director takes the final call. many of the casting directors are theatre actors. The director has their vision and they cast depending on the role they have in their mind. no casting director can walk up to the director and say, 'I like this role I want to do this. this doesn't happen.'

If she has faced the wrath of Nepotism

 To be very honest I have always faced this question from media. people in the industry know me for the roles I played, for the work I have done, I have had my share of ups and downs but I always kept myself consistent. You have to keep on going and be true to your craft. We shouldn't let ourselves loose. The only key to success is hard work. Everything that I have done is on my merit.

On being offered films, at the peak of her TV career

I have been offered films but at that time was busy with TV, I have turned down offers because I had no time and no dates to squeeze. Having said that I don't retreat any of that. I choose to do what I wanted to and those shows have given me everything.

On how she is making the most of her quarantine time

I am cooking, cleaning, watching shows. Actually have no time.  And now I know how tedious is the job of a house helper can completely relate to their plight. They work at so many houses, they get tired. Earlier I used to keep a tab on the hose help and now I'm in their shoes I know what they must have been going through. 

Ghoomketu will be dropped tomorrow on Zee5. Apart from Ragini Khanna the film also has Inspector Badlani. Deepika Amin as Mrs Badlani, Inspector's wife. Raghuvir Yadav as Dadda. Ila Arun as Santo Bua. Swanand Kirkire as Guddan Chaha. Jayant Gadekar as Inspector Shinde.