Jackie Shroff and his journey from Jaikishan Kakubhai Shroff to B-Town's Bhidu is an inspiring one and his love story is nothing less than a script straight out of a Bollywood masala movie.

Jackie and Ayesha Shroff met when the latter was just 13 years old school girl. Love blossomed between the two teens and they started dating. Ayesha was born with a silver spoon and had all the luxuries of life, while Jackie was raised in a Mumbai chawl. But, that didn't change Ayesha's love for him. In fact, she had made up her mind to marry him.

Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Shroff's love story
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Since the Ram Lakhan actor couldn't afford the luxuries that Ayesha enjoys, they would often go for long walks and window shopping, sit on the top of the double-decker bus and enjoy the time together.

The other woman:

But, there was a twist in the fairy tale love story. Before Tiger Shroff's father met Ayesha, he was in love with another girl, who went to the USA for further studies. The Rangeela actor always believed that Ayesha's love for him was just an infatuation. So, when he told her about the girl and that she trusted him, a naive Ayesha's reaction took him aback and he realised how deeply she loved him.

Ayesha asked him to write a letter to his girlfriend in the US, proposing that both of them could get married to Jackie and stay together. Explaining herself, Ayesha gushed at an interview: "I had no option. I could either lose him or I had the option of keeping him with her, and I chose the latter."

The marriage and family:

Since both of them belonged to different societies, Ayesha's mother was against their marriage but the lady had already made up her mind. The couple married on June 5, 1987, and welcomed their son, Tiger Shroff in 1990 and a daughter, Krishna Shroff, who was born in 1993.

Praising Jackie, Ayesha had once said: "Jackie is the kind of guy who can be comfortable anywhere. There is no air about him. He is who he is and that is why he is comfortable anywhere. I always took people at the face value. I trusted people blindly. I have been quite superficial and seeing the way he is and has been all these years and the way he treats people has rubbed off on me. He has taught me to be more caring towards other people and not only think about myself."

Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Shroff's love story
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