Kritika Sharma

Popular television actress Kritika Sharma began her acting career with Colors TV's show 'Jai Shri Krishna'.  After which she rose to fame with her impeccable performance in TV shows like  Tere Liye and Roop - Mard Ka Naya Swaroop.

Not many know that the young and talented actress was the winner of dance reality show Boogie Woogie (2009). And as fate has it, she decided to pursue her dreams as an actor and dancer.

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, India, Kritika Sharma spoke at length about her dreams of making it big on television rather than running to grab a film, her journey from being a  dancer to an actor, views on nepotism, and if the industry has ever made her feel like an outsider.

Excerpts from the interview:

How did you bag your first television show?

I had come to Mumbai to participate in a dance reality show "Boogie Woogie." I won the show & while returning home to Delhi, my parents felt that I should pursue acting as a profession. Basically, my winning the show served as a trigger to come to Mumbai & start my journey on television.

Kritika Sharma
Tanya Sharma and Kritika Sharma

As your sister (Tanya Sharma) is also part of the industry, did she help or guide you?

Honestly, it's the other way round. I was a part of the industry much before she joined. She aspired to be a businesswoman, dancer or an athlete but my workflow in entertainment industry interested her & she gave it a try, thereby starting her journey in television.

Kritika Sharma

TV actors are not considered for films, and at times are looked down for being a 'TV' star, have you faced a similar situation like this?

 In most cases, TV actors look up to doing films but I am more focused on my objective to work on iconic roles on television that are not forgotten. I strongly wish to be remembered for the roles I have been part of. Given a chance, I would definitely like to act in films. Having said that, I don't have any personal experience of being rejected for a film or being looked upon.  But some of my friends have mentioned that artists from television are considered loud & its often said that they cannot perform subtle or mild scenes in Bollywood. I personally feel that it might be difficult, but not impossible cause there are quite a few artists who have proved their mettle in both the mediums.

Kritika Sharma

  Any plans for films?

If an opportunity to work in a film comes to me I would give it a shot but I am not someone who would go out of my way to fetch myself space there. Instead, I would like to stay in television & make it big there.

Kritika Sharma

On the outsiders vs insiders

I have been lucky enough to never come across such a situation. I am sure that many people have faced such situations but I think that balancing talent from both insiders & outsiders is a must for the smooth functioning. Also, I feel that the luck of an individual matters a lot in this industry.

Kritika Sharma

Have you faced nepotism or rejections just because you are an outsider?

I guess nepotism has one advantage & that's a chance for the individual from a film background to channelise their acting. It's something for which an outsider waits for the whole life & may still not get it. I feel insiders were lucky enough to be born in an influential household but it's not something for which they should be blamed cause nepotism is everywhere & it cannot be eradicated. Also, it's their talent which makes them acceptable to the audience. Basically, I believe it's all about how good one performs & paves his/her way to achieve success & recognition in the industry.

Casting couch is what most of the actors go through, have you also been a victim of it?

 I haven't experienced anything of the sort personally.

Kritika Sharma

What's next for you?

I have been giving auditions for new projects that have come my way & if something materialises you might see me soon on television.