Vidyut Jammwal IBT excluisve

Action star of Bollywood Vidyut Jammwal is a trained martial artist and has learnt Kalaripayattu since the age of three. He started his career in Bollywood in the year 2011 and since then there is no looking back for him. Some of his best films include Force, Commando series, Junglee and many more. He will now be seen making his web debut in the film Yarra on Zee 5 and Khuda Hafiz on Dinsey +Hotstar. 

After winning International accolades for his acting and action skills in films. He has once again made India proud of his achievement. Vidyut is now the only Indian actor to become a part of a list '10 People You Don't Want To Mess With' in the world along with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Bear Grylls by 'The Richest'.

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, Vidyut Jammwal opened his heart out and shares his journey in Bollywood, what makes his stand out from other actors who perform high octane action on-screen and how netizens supported him when he called out an OTT platform for not inviting him for the virtual press conference.

Excerpts from the interview:


On being honoured as the only Indian actor to be in the list of '10 People You Don't Want To Mess With' in the world

I am enjoying this phase of life as I didn't expect any of this, it's so nice and overwhelming to have enjoyed fame and stardom. When you represent your country and people talk about it, this thing is something surreal. I feel very proud when people say you have made India proud, it is like winning a gold medal.

 On his struggles

I didn't struggle, it's a learning process for me. When you are not from the industry each day is a learning process. My journey is an experience. Even now I have a lot more to learn.

Vidyut Jammwal

What makes him different from other action heroes and the newcomers who pack few punches on-screen?

I came into the industry to be an action hero. But I knew action, and have been doing Kalaripayattu (a form of martial arts) from the age of 3. My actions are real and it's not just leant for the camera. I didn't learn action or dance because I wanted to be an action hero, I have known this even before I entered the industry. The difference between me and the young actors who perform the action is the authenticity that I have.

 Apart from Comedy what are the other genres that he would like to explore in Bollywood?


 I want to do comedy as I genuinely enjoy it Romance is there in the action-oriented film. For instance, in Yaara, I get to romance Shruti Hassan, even in Khudahafiz,  there is romance as well as action. What I want to do is an out and out comedy and I think I can do it well. 

About his upcoming film 'Yaara'

 Yaara is a film of four friends and it's a journey of four friends in the age bracket of 21 to 50. None of us is 21 nor are we 50 years old. From the journey of losing weight to working on our looks, we worked hard on it. But to understand the walk and talk of a 21 years old gut or a 45 years old guy that is something Tigmanshu came up with and he helped and guided all of us. Yaara is a beautiful friendship story where people will resonate. Actor Kenny is a good guy, simple and sober,  Amit Sadh is flamboyant and Casanova, while Vijay Varma is uber cool.

 On being in touch with his college friends

 I am in touch with everybody. As my father was in the Indian army I have stayed in different parts of the cities, be it from boarding to college and school friends. Thanks to social media I'm in touch with everyone. Whenever my friends call me, I pick their calls, even if it is late at night. In case, if they are partying, they video call me and I take their call and we have a good hearty chat. I never miss their call. 

 Friends in industry

So many of them, my career is based on the friendships in the industry, if they didn't believe in me or make movies I wouldn't have sustained in the industry.  Friendship is believing in each other, having the same ideologies.

 His tweet when he was not called for the virtual press conference for his film Khuda Hafiz which will stream on Disney + Hotstar

 The tweet was merely the actual question that was running in my mind that I wrote it as it is. I didn't expect an answer. But I got the answer in the form of my country, everybody stood up for me, everybody. And it is one of the best feelings I ever had, it was like OMG!  People are not stupid or ignorant. My father has been in the army, my mama (uncle) fought the 1971 war and served the nation. And my country stood up for me it was a blessing and I felt very proud.

On being part of Disney + Hotstar promotions

Disney is amazing, they have a great plan. It is our movie, we will talk about it. Of course, I will talk about my film 'Khuda Haafiz'.

Traning people during a pandemic

I started with an online healing session. A lot of people have healed and now I have decided to not to stop it. People know about martial arts and the mother of all martial arts Kalaripayattu.