If Bruce Jenner's transformation into Caitlyn Jenner reveals anything, it is that the Olympian's relationship with his family has undergone a metamorphic change. And much of this tension is explored in the E! doc series, "I Am Cait."

The first episode segues into Caitlyn's first meeting with her mother, sister, daughter Kylie and step-daughter Kim Kardashian. And as seen in the clips of first episode, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of Bruce Jenner as Caitlyn. This will be depicted in Episode 2.

In the last episode, Caitlyn tells her sister Pam that none of her children, including Khloe and Kourtney have paid her a visit since her sex change. In the following clips, only Kylie and Kim drive up to see Cait. Both of them are supportive and complement her and we see that this is the affirmation Cait longs for from her family. And of all her children, it is mostly Kim who has turned into Cait's confidant and best friend.

Cait and Kim's equation in the show, "I Am Cait" has changed from being a mere father-daughter relationship, to one of friendship. The two chat, quip, and respect each other's opinion. In the next episode of "I Am Cait" we see that Kim is not only her friend, but a confidant who Cait can discuss her problems with.

She tells Kim that one of her biggest concerns as Caitlyn is her voice, which still sounds like a man's voice.

In the promo for the next episode, Cait says, "'I'd be sitting there in my room all by my little lonesome, and I'd be thinking: "Okay, I'm going to try get my best feminine voice and call down so they say 'yes ma'am'".... I could never do it,"

Kim encourages her and asks her to try it once again. but Caitlyn doesn't sound convincing as a woman and they laugh over it, before finally giving up. 

Nevertheless, Caitlyn also gets to hear honest advice from Kim. In a video released by E!, Kim tells Cait, "You look amazing. its your time, but you don't have to bash us." 

Cait's troubled relationship with her children is often talked about. In particular, her relationship with Cassandra and Burt. According to a report, which appeared on People, Caitlyn has a much better relationship with daughter Cassandra after sex change. And in the next episode, we could perhaps see a lot more of Caitlyn's relationship with her kids. 

"I Am Cait" will air on Sunday, 2 August at 8pm on E!