Caitlyn Jenner has been accused of taking a leaf out of the Kardashians' book and faking her reality show, "I Am Cait."

On more than one occasion, people associated with "Keeping up with the Kardashians" have claimed that the reality show is scripted. And now, a Kardashian family insider has revealed to Radar Online that Caitlyn Jenner, too, is following suit.

According to the insider, the 65-year-old, who recently transitioned from Bruce to Cailtyn, held auditions for the role of her transgender friends.

"Caitlyn didn't just meet all of these already famous transgender people by accident – of course they were cast and, yes, they are getting paid," said the source.

"When you are appearing on a major network show on several episodes you do not do that for free. There are auditions and a selection process," said the insider, adding that Candis Cayne, Jenner's new best friend, was also cast.

"It's great chance that Caitlyn and Candice really have hit it off and are actually BFFs now," the source said. "That sure helps."

Sunday's episode of Jenner's E! special saw Jenner crushing on Cayne while picking out swim-suits for their road trip. Jenner also showed off photos of them together and called Cayne a "a very attractive lady."

However, Jenner confessed that they weren't dating. "Candis is a beautiful woman," Jenner said during an interview. "But as far as dating and the future, I have absolutely no idea."

Sunday's episode also saw Jenner packing bathing suits for her road trip. But she did not wear them, as she said she wasnt ready to expose her body yet.

"I don't think I'm ready for that. You have to realize these girls transitioned years and years and years ago. I just don't know if I'm ready to expose myself like that. Maybe down the line I'll feel more comfortable with myself, but right now I just can't see myself doing it."