HyunA and E'Dawn
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In a turn of events, HyunA and E'Dawn have reportedly parted ways with Cube Entertainment. Cube Entertainment made waves earlier in September with their decision to cut ties with HyunA and E'Dawn after the couple admitted to secretly dating for the past two years. This comes right after HyunA announced her secret relationship with former Pentagon member E'Dawn in August.

Following this, on September 13, Cube Entertainment stated that they were disappointed with the star couple when they confessed about dating each other for the past two years and hiding it from the entertainment giant. They claimed that the pair broke their trust and it will be difficult to regain faith again. Since then, the label has faced a considerable amount of criticism for their decision claiming it to be inhuman.

Quoting a statement given by a representative from Cube to Korean Herald, "We have put in our best efforts in working with our label artists through loyalty and trust in our relationship". It is not just the label that was disappointed by the star couple, but the numerous fan base who followed them ardently.

Reacting to Cube, HyunA was reportedly upset with the label's decision to oust the couple without having a chance to discuss the issue at hand. Due to the drastic move, it appears that HyunA and E'Dawn have breached their contract.

Though initially disappointed, the K-Pop star couple has garnered a lot of support from fans all over the world criticizing Cube Entertainment for being judgmental about their favourite star couple.