Hyrule Warriors
Hyrule Warriors is a Wii U exclusive game.nintendo.com

As Hyrule Warriors' Japanese release is closing in, Japanese edition of the upcoming hack-and-slash game is all set to get some exciting special-edition box sets.

Two special editions that have been announced are the Premium Box and Treasure Box releases. Players buying the Premium Box special edition will contain the game, a Triforce clock, official art booklet and six character costumes.

The Treasure Box special edition will be containing the game, official art booklet, eight character costumes, a special scarf that Link wears in the game. This Treasure Box edition comes with a Zelda-styled treasure box that releases a sound when opened.

These Japanese special edition sets can only be pre-ordered from Amazon Japan and Game City and sadly they will not be made available outside Japan, Wii U Daily reported.

It is to be noted the Japanese version of this Wi U exclusive game is region-locked for Japan and cannot be shipped to US. Attack of the Fanboy points out to the collectibles that can be bought if not the game. The options for ordering collectibles are Play-Asia, CD Japan, and Nin-Nin-Game, which can be imported to the US.


Premium Box - $139.99

Treasure Box - $239.99


Premium Box - $105.43

Treasure Box - $166.88

CD Japan:

Premium Box - $106.12

Treasure Box - $175.63

(YouTube Courtesy: NinEverything)

New Warriors

The videos that were released during the recently concluded SDCC 2014 showcase new attacks, items and final game details.

In the first video below, players will be able to see Land of Twilight stage and the meetings that take between Lana, Agitha, and Midna. Also seen is the current weapon of Lana, a wooden staff that emanates different kinds of Kokiri-related attacks like Deku Tree Sprout, large slingshot and more, Zelda Dungeon reported.

(YouTube Courtesy: NinEverything)

Darunia Trailer

Publisher, Koei Tecmo has a new trailer that was released showing of the King of the Gorons in action, it also shows how effective the giant hammer is causing immense destruction to its enemies. The King of the Gorons will be a playable character in Hyrule Wariors.

(YouTube Courtesy: Koei Tecmo)

Introducing Link, Impa and Zelda

Three most important characters in Hyrule Warriors are Link, Impa and Zelda. We will have a look at their abilities and skills (via GameInformer).

Link: He is a sword master and his signature is the spin attack that takes out enemies around him. He also uses the classic fire rod, which can be wielded as a weapon and a flame-thrower as well. He is also seen using a spiky wrecking ball.

Impa: The original Legend of Zelda has a different kind of Impa, but in Hyrule Warriors, the inspiration seems to be her avatar as a guardian incarnation of Skyward Sword. The giant blade she carries is definitely heavy as trailers showcase her as putting her weight into every swing.

Zelda: Arrows comes with the arrival of Zelda. She has quick and swift moments and uses Triforce of wisdom and different spells. She can also create destruction with her Wind Waker baton, which leaves the rivals stunned.

Release Date

Hyrule Warriors will be releasing in Japan on Aug 14, Sept 19 in Europe and Sept 26 in North America.