The Hyderabad traffic police on Tuesday launched an app to help android users to directly report traffic violations to them.

The app, 'Hyderabad Traffic Live', also helps the commuters navigate freely on the city roads. They can track the live traffic status from their current location to their destination through the app and in case of traffic congestion they can take an alternative route.

"Through this app, commuters will be in direct contact with the traffic police for information, complaints, suggestions and traffic violations," said Hyderabad police commissioner M Mahender Reddy, according to a PTI report.

"Hyderabad Traffic Live, mobile application is a bridge between Hyderabad traffic police and commuters/citizens for smooth handling of traffic related operations and for fast and friendly redressal of issues," he added.

The app has another feature "Auto-Fare estimation", which helps the commuters keep a check on the estimated fare for the auto ride to their destination at the government approved rates. The commuters can also file a complaint if an auto driver refuses a passenger, misbehaves or charges more than the fare for the ride, The Times of India reported.

"Public service complain button" at the bottom of the screen is another remarkable feature on the app, where the users in Hyderabad can enter any vehicle number, driver's name along with other details to report a complaint. Soon after registering the complaint, the nearest traffic constable will be alerted and he will arrive at the location from the point where the complaint was reported.

"At a click of button, it will helpful in knowing e-challan status, towed vehicle information, Vehicle RTA Details. Complaint against any public services like auto, bus, cab, taxi and others can be done and immediate action will be taken by traffic constables," PTI quoted Hyderabad police commissioner M Mahender Reddy as saying.

"We have provided android phones with the special app designed to see the complaints, details of the complainant along with exact location and acknowledge them to 100 traffic constables in the city, at an average of four cops each from the 25 traffic stations. These constables on traffic mobile bikes will automatically receive the complaint based on the location of the complainant. After verifying the basic facts, they rush to the spot to address the issue. Once the issue is resolved, the same will be acknowledged by the constable and the entire process will be monitored by senior officers," Reddy was quoted as saying by the TOI.

Additional commissioner of police (traffic) Jitender said that the traffic police will also take feedback after "conducting periodical review".

Apart from reporting a violation and tracking the traffic in the city, citizens can also get other useful information such as rules and information, traffic violation fines, useful websites, road safety tips, traffic signs, information about traffic police and traffic officers.

Other cities may also adopt the public service app if it proves to be successful in Hyderabad.