Mumbai couple having sex
A young couple having sex in busy Marine DriveTwitter

The Hyderabad Metro Rail Rail Limited has been slammed on social media for leaking CCTV footage of young couples kissing inside lifts at stations. Three such videos were leaked in the last 24 hours. 

Apparently, the couples seen getting intimate are unaware of the presence of CCTV cameras. However, one of the couples had suddenly stopped after spotting the camera.

The officials at the HMRL while confirming that the videos being shared on social media are authentic, told News18 that a probe has been launched to investigate the "misuse of lifts".

"We are investigating the leak and appropriate steps would be taken to improve surveillance to prevent such kind of misuse of the elevator," the official added.

He further said that it is for the first time such incidents have come to the fore and it will be esnured that such incidents don't get repeated.

The officials said that the the metro stations in the city are equipped with elevators to help the elderly, children and ailing people to move easily across platforms or floor.

Although the moral police are already on its toes, castigating the alleged degraded values among youth, social media users are amused by the leakage of videos. As soon as the video grabs went viral, #Hyderabadmetro started trending on Twitter.

Here are some tweets which take a dig at Hyderabad Metro authorities for invading the privacy of the couples.