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When one thinks of a scrumptious and comforting plate of biryani, Hyderabad is one of the first cities that comes to mind. Known for its taste and flavour, one would expect the city to serve the most authentic biryani in the country, but it looks like authenticity is, in fact, the last thing on the menu.

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A TV journalist was attacked in the city for complaining about plastic rice in the biryani. A Indrasen, a journalist with a regional news channel, is said to have ordered biryani from Modern Rytu Chicken Bazaar in the Saroor Nagar area and was sent a box of biryani made of plastic rice.

"I took some rice, made it into a ball, and hit it at the plate. I was shocked to see that it bounced back," Deccan Chronicle quoted the journalist as saying.

When Indrasen went to the restaurant with his concern, the journalist was reportedly beaten up by hotel owner Srinivas and his acquaintances Mohammed Saleem, a businessman, and Rishi, a civil engineer. A police constable, who went to the hotel after being told by the control room of the chaos, is also said to have been abused.

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The hotel owner and two of his acquaintances involved in the incident have now been arrested and an official complaint has been filed against them. The biryani sample too has been seized by the police who are now looking into the matter. The police constable has also filed a complaint against the hotel staff for voluntarily causing hurt and obstructing a public servant from discharging his duties.

The three arrested men are said to be supporters of corporator P. Anitha Reddy, who has condemned the incident and said that such behaviour is intolerable no matter who it comes from. "We will take the issue up with party seniors and initiate disciplinary action against them," she said.