Cosplayers at Hyderabad comic con 2016
Cosplayers at Hyderabad comic con 2016PR Handout

The much-awaited Comic Con India has finally kicked off with the Hyderabad Comic Con 2016 on Saturday, 24 September, and it definitely was an event to attend. With international celebrities and a huge gathering of all things nerdy, the two-day fest is a huge success.

Alto Hyderabad Comic Con 2016 marked the fourth edition of the event in the city and it saw the appearance of British born Bangladeshi actress Afshan Azad, who is best known for portraying as Padma Patil in five of the Harry Potter films.

She was joined by American comic book artist and writer Dan Parent, best known for Archie Comics, British comics artist David Lloyd, best known for V for Vendetta, and Nicole Marie Jean, an Internationally famous pro-Cosplayer.

Day 1 of the event was also made special with the launch of five new comic books. These were Fanboys by Abhijeet Kini Studios, Aghori - The Lost Years by Holy Cow Entertainment, Damned by Chariot Comics and 13 Days and Sagar by TBS Planet.

As expected, the comic book and sc-fi fans in Hyderabad went all out with their cosplays this time around. Every superhero from your childhood to adulthood, ranging from Batman to Superman, are roaming the grounds of Hyderabad Comic Con. And it was not just these fans' yearning to become a popular character for a few hours that was fulfilled at the event, they were also rewarded amazing prizes for their efforts.

In fact, winners from five separate categories were chosen and one lucky winner was awarded Rs 50,000 on both days. The categories were: 1. Comic book/graphic novel 2. Animated Series/Movie 3. Manga/Anime 4. Sci-Fi/Fantasy and 5. Gaming.

Other events organised by Comic Con India includes a special session on how to draw characters by artist Vivek Goel, an interactive session with Indian artists working for comic books and graphic novels called Artist Alley and a session conducted by Warner Bros wherein audience got inside looks into upcoming films like Fantastic Beasts and Justice League. 

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