Park Hyung-sik as Sammaekjong a.k.a King Jinheung in KBS historical drama Hwarang.Youtube/screenshot

Hwarang: The Beginning, which is also known as Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, will be back with episode 19 next Monday, February 20, at 10pm KST on KBS. With just few days left for the finale, the rivalry between Queen Mother Jiso and her son Sammaekjong a.k.a King Jinheung is likely to take an intense turn next week.

Shopping King Louis actor Yoon Sang-hyun to share screen space with Beat actress Ko So-young 

Episode 18 of the Korean mini-series took its viewers through an emotional roller-coaster of events. It did not just feature the demise of Seok Han-sung, but also focused on the female antagonist's evil moves against Moo-myung a.k.a Dog-Bird and Kim Ah-ro.

Apart from making the female protagonist Wonhwa, Kim Ji-soo's character even tried to kill her lover with the help of commanded Hyun-chu. But she failed in her mission because of Lord Kim Ahn-ji's daughter.

Go Ara's character risked her life for the male protagonist. Will she be the next one to die in the KBS fictional drama. Watch Hwarang episode 19 on February 20 at 10pm Korean time to know more about it. Until then, catch up with the previous episodes of the KBS mini-series online here.

The promo for the upcoming episodes begins by featuring a group of children singing on the streets of Silla, "The best Hwarang is Master Ji Dwi. The best king is Master Sun Woo." It then focuses on a conversation between Queen Mother Jiso and her son, wherein she tries to provoke him against Moo-myung.

"You gave them a pretext. It is your fault. It is all your fault! He is also a Sacred Bone. He is your rival! You will regret it," the evil queen informs the King. And he calmly replies: "I will bear the weight of that regret myself."

The sneak peek video also hints at a team-up between Lord Kim Hwi-kyung and minister Park Yeong-shil. It shows Song Yeong-kyu's character informing his son: "The preparations are finished. The preparations to make you king." Does this mean that Sammaekjong will be making a sacrifice for Moo-myung?