Sister Wives
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Kody Brown is perhaps best known for being polygamous. The Brown family, which forms the cast of TLC's popular reality show "Sister Wives", is widely watched for its drama, its complex family dynamics and the tension between the many people that populate the show. However, they are not the only ones who are in a polygamous marriage. 

A couple from New Jersey told US Weekly spoke about their marriage and how it was saved by polyamorous relationships. Paulie and Vanessa Hussle, who met in 2003, fell in love when they laid eyes on each other. The two were students at Saint Peter's University in Jersey City and in Vanessa's words, their chemistry was undeniable.

However, the romance in their marriage began to die out after three years of being together and sharing two children. It was at this point that Paulie began dating two other women, Lady and Hazel. 

"I felt so guilty about what I was doing because I still loved my wife. I felt so guilty about what I was doing because I still loved my wife," he said.

However, he found support from his wife who accepted the other two ladies as part of their family. "When I told Paulie that I wanted to be in a relationship with him and Hazel and Lady, he cried tears of joy.It was like we had finally found our happiness together. Every day is like an amazing sleepover with my husband and my favourite girlfriends. It's an adventure," she said. 

Since then, their family has expanded. Paulie has two baby boys with Lady and Hazel and so far, there doesn't seem to be any discord between the three women and their husband. The only time the women fight is during their menstrual cycle. 

"We never have any big arguments, but of course we bicker about silly things like whose hair is left in the bathroom and the dirty dishes left in the sink!" Vanessa said. This certainly seems very different from the Brown family but its still a very young familial unit.