Natalie Dormer
Natalie Dormer (wikicommans/Suzi Pratt)wikicommans/Suzi Pratt

Natalie Dormer, who will next be seen in the " The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" said that she had to undergo a major physical change to do justice to her part. Domer who plays Cressida in the "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" final installment had to shave half of her head for the part.

"A lot of my friends ask to touch my head,' Dromer told the June 2014 issue of Glamour adding: "I just stand there and get stroked for five minutes. It's a free massage,"

Fans think that Dormer's half-shaven look has given her an extra edge. The actress apparently decided to get the haircut, as she wanted to be true to the character of gutsy journalist, Cressida.

"It's fascinating how much of our sense of attractiveness and feminine identity is bound up in our hair,' Dromer said. "But in the Mockingjay novel, Cressida is described as having a shaved head with a vine tattoo, and I wanted to do right by the book."

However, she did admit that the change in her physical appearance made her feel strange at first.

"But you take a deep breath and keep everything in perspective. It just takes time getting used to.Cutting one side of your head for a few months is not a big deal compared with what other people have to deal with in the world. Plus, hair grows back," she explained. 

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" is set to me made in two parts. Part one is currently in the post-production stage, whereas the shoot of part two has begun. Part 1 and part 2 will release in November 2014 and November 2015 respectively.

Dromer is known for playing wicked woman - Anne Boleyn in "The Tudors" and widow Margaery in "Game Of Thrones".