The Hungarian camerawoman who lost her job and is currently facing a criminal case after footage of her kicking and tripping refugees went viral last month, now wants to sue Facebook and a Syrian refugee.

Petra Laszlo told Russian news outlet Izvestia that she plans to file a lawsuit against one of the refugees - Osama Abdul Mohsen, who she had tripped while covering a refugee situation at Hungary's southern border with Serbia in September.

She also told the Russian broadcaster that she would sue Facebook as well, according to Mashable. Laszlo claims that she wants to sue the social networking site for its refusal to remove hate groups that targeted her, while deleting the Facebook groups that supported her.

She said that she was angry with Osama Abdul Mohsen, one of the Syrian refugees she tripped as "he changed his testimony, because he initially had blamed the police." 

Laszlo plans to pursue the case against Facebook and Mohsen once her criminal trial is over, she reportedly said.

Even though Laszlo had offered a public apology for her actions, she now claims that she wants to launch a legal case to prove her "innocence."

In the meantime, Mohsen, the man victimised by the journalist, now is believed to be leading a peaceful life. The incident with the Hungarian journalist gained him the sympathy of the masses after his image went viral. [Read More]

Mohsen, a former first division coach, now lives in Spain along with his family after he was offered a job by a Spanish football academy.