Is That 'Human Faeces' Dumped on Auckland House?
Karen Bass' two-storey flat and silver car got covered with huge clumps of the 'brown matter' (Representational Image)Reuters

A New Zealand woman blamed a passing airplane for the brown splodges, which she spotted all over her house and car on Saturday.

Karen Bass, whose two-storey flat and silver car got covered with huge clumps of the 'brown matter', told Herald that she believes it is human excreta dumped by a passing flight overnight, The New Zealand Herald reported.

"It was the first thing I saw when I walked out of my door this morning and thought an airplane s**t on us! You open the door and it smells like s**t," said Bass. Her residence is located in the flight path of planes flying into the Auckland International Airport.

Bass was disgusted after seeing the condition of her house and car. She was sure it was human faeces and collected a sample to test, according to Mail Online.

"There's no way it's a bird or animal poo, it's horrible. I'm sure it's human, what else could it be with huge clumps like that?"

Even though Bass was not sure which airplane passed at that moment, since the incident happened overnight, she called to complain Airways NZ but it was "fobbed off", The New Zealand Herald reported.

Is That 'Human Faeces' Dumped on Auckland House?
Airways NZ denied of having any records of such incidents. (Representational Image)Reuters

According to a man from rural Auckland, waste dumping by airplanes is not uncommon in that area as he had also faced it several times. He complained and fought several times, but gave up as the authorities are too powerful.

A Mail Online report says that both Airways NZ and the country's Civil Aviation Authority denied having any record of such complaints.

"It's certainly not from an aircraft because their maintenance standards are extremely high. Modern planes use a vacuum system, so the chances of a leak are extremely remote," Trevor Bock, Sydney Airline safety consultant, told Daily Mail Australia.

According to him, any such thing would be spotted on the ground before an aircraft departs because the engineers and pilots do a thorough check around the aircraft before take-off, and added that the recent incident is just another urban myth.