Huawei Watch Price Makes It A Premium Smartwatch Only For The Well-Off? Pegged At $1,000
Huawei Watch To Cost $1,000; But Definitely Not For The Base Model (Sigh)The Verge

It can be said without a doubt that the smartwatch industry is the next big platform for all the big names, apart from battling it out against each other in the race for the top smartphone in the market. And accordingly, we have seen a host of names deliver their own smartwatches, running the Android Wear OS inside (aside Apple Watch).

Likewise, using the massively popular MWC event as a pedestal, Chinese tech giant Huawei has introduced its first ever smartwatch offering, running the Android Wear inside. The latest unveiling comes amidst a host of leaks and rumors related to the smartwatch that were doing the rounds on the internet ahead of a final unveiling.

For starters, Huawei's new smartwatch is a round-shaped Android-Wear watch that sports a 286 ppi 1.4-inch AMOLED touchscreen. As decided, the watch will be sold in gold, silver, and black. However, aside the numbers, from what we have seen so far, Huawei has indeed made one of the best looking smartwatches in the market.

However, before anything else is said and done about Huawei's first entrant in the smartwatch business, a deeper look into the technology is required for a better understanding. Hence, here's a look at the smartwatch's top 5 features.

It Just Looks Glamorous
If we were to keep all the specs and numbers aside, the new Huawei smartwatch could be easily tagged as one of the best looking smartwatches currently available out there, and we cannot stress upon this factor more. Sure there are a lot of different smartwatches available in the market from different makers, but none really can come close to what Huawei has in offer for the wearable fanboys. To be honest, the last time we saw a smartwatch being made with so much glamour was the Apple Watch, and even the LG Watch Urbane (to an extent). The new Huawei smartwatch is sure to grab attention for the most fashion-minded users out there.

First Android Smartwatch with Sapphire Crystal Display
Apart from the good looks, Huawei has made sure that its new watch will also sport the best in the screen quality business. And accordingly, the company has fitted the smartwatch with a sapphire crystal screen. Not long ago, rumors spoke about how Apple's new Watch could sport a sapphire display, signalling the fact that it's indeed one of the better technologies out there, in terms of screen support. And Huawei, it is expected, knows a thing or two about Sapphire displays after Huawei introduced the Ascend P7 Sapphire limited edition handset at IFA last year.

Classic Design At the Base
That Huawei has managed to bring out one of the most fabulous looking smartwatches in the planet is simply due to the fact that it has decided upon the modes of designing very critically. Huawei knows that a product has to be as equally pleasing to the eye as everything else about it is internally, and has offered the most classic design possible to the new smartwatch. This gives it more of an inclination toward luxury wear rather than just another geeky innovation. Apart from that, the smartwatch is also sheathed in scratch-resistant stainless steel housing.

Customizable Watch Faces
The concept of customizable watch faces, to date, hasn't been more openly shown off by any other maker in the market than Apple. When Apple's Watch was first shown off, the company made it clear that the Watch would support several different types of watch faces for users to mix and match. And the idea really worked as applying different watch faces gave the smartwatch a more unique look. Now, as it seems, the idea has found equally enthusiastic adopters via Huawei which also says that there over 40 different customizable watch faces for users to choose from.

Will be Available in More Than 20 Countries
Aside revealing the company's first and latest smartwatch, Huawei also announced that the smartwear will be made available in more 20 countries going ahead, apart from retailing in North America and Europe. So you could expect the smartwatch to arrive soon, after it has made its initial release in the States.