Huawei, The Chinese technology giant, has been procuring the global markets with the help of its communication equipment and consumer electronics. It is one of the leading brands that have showcased its existence in the smartphone manufacturing industry by providing its customers with the best hardware enhancements and the latest software technology. Ranging from high-end to mid-range devices, a customer cannot skip the brand while trying to buy an affordable smartphone packed with the latest technology.

Huawei, in the early stage of 2019, was forced to let go off the US-made tech due to the trade fight. The Chinese smartphone giant has been trying to sustain on its own by building an ecosystem that doesn't rely on its rivals. Continuing those efforts, Huawei is working on its own mapping technology to serve as an alternative to Google Maps, the world's largest navigation platform.

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Google Maps now tells you when the best time to leave for destination isGoogle Maps on Google Play store (screen-grab)

According to China Daily, Huawei's geolocation platform is called MapKit. The report states that the company is developing the application to cover 150 countries and regions and will be launched in  October.

LiveMint has reported that the mapping platform will embed about 40 languages, provide real-time traffic conditions and lane-changes. The newer technological advancement will include augmented-reality (AR) mapping, clarified Zhang Pingan, Huawei consumer business group's president of cloud services.

Google has been the only company to have been successful in providing accurate mapping technology to date through Google Maps. Though the company started its mapping platform in 2005, it has been continuing its development in the field to provide better visualisation and infrastructure to date. Google's latest acquisition to perfect its mapping platform was 'Waze' for close to $1 billion in 2013.

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Beijing View in Google: alignment errors in the maps.Google Maps

However, Huawei is taking advantage of home-based government regulations that did not allow Google to flap its progress in China. According to Chinese regulations, foreign companies have to acquire special authorisation from the administration to survey and map the country.

This is the only country that Google fails to provide it's mapping services due to China's incredibly difficult foreign policies. If Huawei successfully integrates China's maps by completing the surveys in its platform then it might surpass Google's mapping system becoming one of the most perfected mapping kits of 2019.