Chinese multinational electronics company – Huawei, has already showcased its 5G-enabled foldable smartphone earlier this year. Now, a report suggests that Huawei is working on the world's first 5G-enabled TV. According to the report, the company wants to complete its consumer electronics ecosystem and a TV is missing from its product portfolio.

Other companies like Xiaomi and OnePlus are also planning to launch its 5G smartphone and 5G TV. Samsung has already launched its 5G smartphone – Galaxy S10 and is expected to come with 5G-enabled TV soon.

The report adds that Huawei's 5G TV will have an 8K display panel to view high-definition content and Huawei could come with 5G TV this year. Moreover, this TV could be able to share gigabyte connections a wireless router for other devices, which could be the game-changer feature for TVs.

Huawei 5G TV
Huawei 5G TVHuawei

Huawei already has laptops, smartphones and wearables, and TV will add to it. With this, the company is planning to foray into the Television market and will compete with the likes of Samsung, LG, Sony and more. Both Samsung and LG have 5G-enabled smartphone i.e. Galaxy S10 and V50 respectively, and both could come with 5G TV in future. The product concept tells about the Huawei's approach towards the future and TVs could finally detach themselves from the cable company completely and the next big step in TV tech - 8K resolution.

As per the report from TV market, IHS Markit has forecasted that 8K TV shipments will increase from 20,000 sets from last year to 430,000 this year and up to 2 million sets up to next year. Features like 5G technology and connection distribution could add fuel to these numbers.

Huawei Logo
Huawei is launching a 5G TV soonReuters

Huawei is the world's largest telecom equipment manufacturer and it has also overtaken Apple in smartphone shipments. Currently, in terms of smartphone shipments, Huawei gets a second place after Samsung.

Recently, Huawei was in the news for its P30 Pro and it is the company's first smartphone with a quad camera setup. The phone is gaining so much praise from users and critics for its camera performance. One of the most highlighted features of P30 Pro is a 50x zoom feature – called moon mode. If you want to know more about P30 Pro's camera, then click here.