Taiwanese smartphone maker, HTC has reportedly joined hands with the search engine giant, Google to build the new Nexus 10 tablet.

In 2010, Taiwanese smartphone maker, HTC had launched Google Nexus One, the first of the Nexus handsets in to the market. Despite getting pretty good response from critics and fans, both the companies hadn't renewed their partnership until now.

Taiwanese media house, DigiTimes citing industry sources has claimed that HTC and Google have once again teamed to launch the second generation Nexus 10 tablet later this year.

It is to be noted that this very website earlier in January had claimed that Samsung would launch Nexus 10 2 at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2014. However, the speculation turned out to be false.  

Though DigiTimes' track record has some inconsistencies in predicting the devices, there is still a possibility of the report coming true, as HTC is already reeling under financial constraints and is looking for an opportunity to turn around its current predicament. HTC CFO (Chief Financial Officer), Chialin Chang recently confided that the company in 2013 missed out a big chunk of the mid-tier markets by concentrating more on its flagship models and plans to introduce mid-range handsets in 2014. So it won't be a surprise if HTC makes fresh start in the tablet business with competitively priced feature-rich Nexus 10 2 later this year.

HTC had previously launched two tablets Flyer (7.0-inch model) and Jetstream (10.0-inch model) in 2011, but were soon discontinued owing to lack luster response from the market. The company even rejected Google's offer to co-develop Nexus 7 (it eventually went to its local counterpart AsusTek) in 2012, reported the website. Now, the Taiwanese firm has chance to redeem its fortune by renewing friendship with Google this year.

Even though the Nexus 10 2 speculation has gone viral in the media, neither Google nor HTC representatives have come forward to clear the air over the report.