HTC One- image used for representational purpose
HTC One- image used for representational purposeHTC Corporation

Its official now, HTC is all set to update its flagship device by releasing HTC One M9. HTC hasn't officially announced anything on its availability but the Tech industry is speculating they may follow their earlier trend and release the device in Mobile World Congress. The biggest event for smartphone industry, Mobile World Congress or MWC happens every year in March in Barcelona.

Meanwhile HTC's designer Hasan Kaymak has posted a new picture of the phone's bezel. He has also written "this is what you'll see next month," which clearly indicate HTC may launch the device just before Christmas. According to rumours this new HTC flagship will be as thin as Apple's latest flagship smartphone iPhone 6. With a thickness of 7.1 mm, this device will also feature same metallic encasing for a premium feel. HTC might use some other composite material to give M9 a premium feel and a robust build quality.

There are rumours the HTC One M9 will feature a larger 5.2-inch screen and may feature 2K resolution instead of FHD resolution with a pixel density of 564 points per inch. As of now, 2K or QHD screen has become a common standard for premium devices but the 564 PPI will surely give a stunning view to its users.

There are also some rumours on the processor end - HTC might use Qulacomm's Snapdragon 805 SoC and couple it with 3GB worth RAM memory. Hasan Kaymak's post indicates the device might feature the Android Lollipop operating system and support 64-bit computing.

The One M9 is also sure to feature better camera with bigger lens and higher megapixel capability and also have water resistant capability. Its easy to speculate by looking at the configuration, the One M9 will come with 64GB or 128GB capability. HTC may also include a more powerful battery to be in the race.