HTC Sense 5.5 Soon to Launch on HTC One.HTC

HTC Sense 5.5 made its debut along with HTC One Max on 14 October and it has now been confirmed by the Taiwanese company that the update will soon be launched on HTC One as well.

This signifies that HTC One will get a more social, personalised Blinkfeed with the ability to add RSS feeds and other contents the users wish for, along with improved Video Highlights, which are found in HTC One Max, reported Tech Radar.

The Blinkfeed’s updates will include the new integration with “premium content” from Instagram and Google Plus and it will also allow offline viewing of up to 120 articles at a time. Hence, the Blinkfeed will now be more useful and easier to use.

There have been several small changes, in terms of interface, across Sense 5.5. Along with the camera app, which will now have Zoe as an option in the menu, there will also be the option of viewfinder. The TV application will also have a redesigned recommendation page and the weather app will also be revamped.

HTC Zoe, a camera feature available on HTC One, will have a refurbished interface, making it easier for the users to find highlight reels and also the ability to add any music that is stored on the phone.

The HTC Sense 5.5 will also allow the users to create animated GIFs, while a new application called Scribble has also been introduced. This application will enable the users to take notes, make lists, make cards and share pictures, according to Pocket Lint.

Other new settings include an option of Do Not Disturb. This application will block the incoming calls and turn off all notifications.

The music player also has a navigation redesign, which will allow the users to just swipe across rather than use a drop-down menu. This will make navigation easier.

HTC has confirmed that Sense 5.5 features will be coming to the HTC One family in the coming weeks. Hence, not only will HTC One owners have the privilege of Sense 5.5 but HTC One Mini users can also expect the update on their handsets.