With just a couple of months left before Google's rumoured Pixel 2 series launch, the flagship Android device and itrs variants have received the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certification, revealing key features.

As per the FCC listing (via Reddit), Google Pixel 2 series is confirmed to be manufactured by Taiwan-based HTC, which built the first-generation Pixel models last year.

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Furthermore, Google has even borrowed HTC U11's main attribute — the "Edge Sense" squeezable frame technology — for its Pixel 2 series, and is calling it "Active Edge."

For those unaware, HTC Edge Sense technology offers users the ability to activate advanced touch capabilities and use a "short squeeze" as well as a "squeeze and hold" for even more functionalities. Since Edge Sense is based on the pressure applied to the side of the device, it can be used in nearly any condition – including rainy weather that would normally pose a challenge with capacitive buttons.

In the Pixel 2 series, it is expected to be used to trigger Google Assistant, and launch the camera and some other features depending on the finger pressure and location on the frame.

Google Pixel 2 series: All you need to know

As per the latest reports, Google Pixel 2 series, like its predecessors, is coming in two variants. They are internally known as Taimen (Pixel XL 2) and Walleye (Pixel 2).

Pixel XL 2 is expected to have 5.99-inch QHD (2560x1440p) OLED display (made by LG) with thin bezels (very little space between the edge and the screen).

Google Pixel 2, FCC, HTC, Active Edge, Google Assistant
HTC-made Google Pixel 2 series passes FCC certification; key features revealedFCC screen-shot via Reddit

On the back, it is expected flaunt a dual-tone glass and metal finish similar to the 2016-series models. But the glass will cover only the topmost part, while most of the rear will have metal. The fingerprint scanner will be out of glass enclosure.

Under the hood, it will house 4GB RAM, 64GB/128GB storage, a single primary camera on the back with dual-tone LED flash, and the Snapdragon 835 octa-core — Qualcomm's most powerful processor yet.

Google Pixel 2, FCC, HTC, Active Edge, Pixel XL 2, Google Assistant
HTC-made Google Pixel 2 series passes FCC certification; key features revealedFCC screen-shot via Reddit

As far as the smaller Pixel 2 (4.97-inch) is concerned, it is said to have an almost identical design language as the last year's generic 5-inch Pixel phone. But the new phone might be devoid of a 3.5mm audio jack port, as Google intends to use the additional space for stereo speakers.

Other expected features include full-HD display (1920x1080p), along with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core CPU, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.

Google is expected to unveil the Pixel 2 series in October and release the phones to the market the same month in select developed markets, rolling it out in other regions in the following weeks.

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