Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik RoshanVarinder Chawla

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan is having a tough time as his health has gone for a toss yet again.

The actor, who had to undergo a brain surgery sometime ago after he was injured during the first schedule of "Bang Bang", is now suffering from sharp back pain.

It is understood that Roshan now uses a convoy of three cars to travel as he cannot sit in the same seating arrangement for a long time and has to swap cars in between.

"Hrithik is often in excruciating pain. He can't sit in one position or even in one kind of seat for more than half an hour. Hrithik has to keep changing his seating position. He cannot travel in the same car for a long duration," Bollywood Hungama quoted a source.

"He therefore travels with a fleet of three cars, all speeding bumper-to-bumper. He gets out of one car after a while, gets into another car and then gets into the third one to make sure his back is not subjected to an identical seating position for too long," the source pointed out.

The actor's health condition is posing difficulties to "Bang Bang" since a continuous shoot is not possible under the circumstances. And since the film has already set 2 October as its release date, the team is in a race against time, and a major portion of the project is still left to be shot.

But it's not just the sore back that is troubling Roshan. The 40-year-old is also braving emotional turmoil, since he is on the verge of legal separation from wife Sussanne Khan. But the actor, who filed for divorce recently, does not let his personal life affect his professional space.

"Hrithik is going through a lot emotionally and physically. He doesn't discuss his marital problems with anyone. He never brings his home stress to work," the source added.

Roshan and Khan filed for divorce on 30 April mutually. It is being reported that the custody of the couple's children - Hrehaan and Hridhaan - will go to the interior designer.

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