After causing a stir in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, Hrithik Roshan has taken a break from the shooting of his period drama "Mohenjo Daro".

The actor took a break from the film to celebrate Diwali (Deepavali) with family. But the break will not be too long, as the actor will soon resume the shooting of his film "Mohenjo Daro".

Hrithik has finished the second schedule, and post Diwali the actor will finish the shoot of last schedule of Ashutosh Gowariker's "Mohenjo Daro".

The actor will visit Bhuj, Gujarat, to finish the last schedule of the film and will reportedly finish the shooting of the film by the end of this month.

"During the first schedule in Bhuj, the weather condition was extreme as it was very hot. But for this schedule it will be pleasant thankfully," The Asian Age quoted a source as saying.

The entire team of "Mohenjo Daro" was in Bhuj for more than 100 days to shoot the first schedule of the film in May and now the team will return to wrap up the film.

In October, the team completed the second schedule in Jabalpur. However, during the shooting in Jabalpur, fans of Hrithik went crazy and even took photos of Hrithik shooting during a fight scene with 20 feet-long crocodile.

The actor, who was annoyed with the leaks, took to Twitter to share this with his fans.

"Deeply feel d love Jabalpur!Its my sincere request, please do not chase on ur bikes,pedestrians n d elderly r getting injured. It is very," he tweeted.

"Jabalpur..It is very distressing 2 see ur love unintentionally causing harm 2people.der is no need,I feel u n sending u all even more love!" Hrithik added.