Hrithik Roshan (REUTERS)
Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan REUTERS

It seems Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan is planning to do a sequel of his upcoming superhero flick, "Krrish 3" even before its release.

When asked about the rumours of a sequel to "Krrish 3", the 39-year-old actor told Times of India, "Why not? It is the only franchise that has lasted a decade. All the other franchises - be it Spider-Man, Superman or X-Men - have had to be revamped. They have started from the scratch. But Krrish is the only one going on."

Hrithik is currently recuperating from a surgery that he underwent to remove a clot from his brain a couple of months ago. The "Krrish 3" actor sustained severe injury in the brain during the shooting of a action sequence for his upcoming movie, "Bang Bang" where he acts opposite Katrina Kaif.

Speaking about his surgery the actor said, "The brain surgery experience has been mind-blowing (literally). I feel stronger and better; I feel proud that I went through it with absolute ease. It was effortless and not even for a second did I feel fear; that was surprising even to myself. I was very objective about the whole thing. God knows where such clarity and strength came from. I've realised through my years that there is no need to be afraid of anything."

Besides "Bang Bang", Hrithik will also commence the shooting of Karan Johar's "Shuddhi" after recovering from the surgery. "The Prague schedule of Bang Bang went for a toss, so I don't know whether "Shuddhi" will come by the end of next year. I'm guessing we will have fresh release dates for both films. Nevertheless, every film has its own destiny. All I have to do is, do my best. I should simply work towards making an even better film. There are things beyond my control, but I will be even more charged up after this surgery because that is how I am. The films will see the light of day when the right time comes," he told the daily.

"Krrish 3" is the third instalment of super hit film, "Koi Mil Gaya" and its trailer which was released on 5 August has created lots of hype. It is scheduled for release on 4 November on the occasion of Diwali.