Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik RoshanVarinder Chawla

Ashutosh Gowariker is known for making lengthy films, but he's making an exception with "Mohenjo Daro." However, at first, the period-film wasn't very different (in terms of run time) from his previous ones.

At a recently-concluded media interaction, "Mohenjo Daro" actor Hrithik Roshan revealed that when he was first handed the script, it was 200-pages long. The superstar waited for it to be reduced to 80.

"I loved the story but I waited till that script from 200 pages went down to 80 pages and then we shook hands and said 'Let's do this.' The day it came down from 81 to 80, he has flown to Delhi to meet me, 'Hrithik, I have done it'. And we signed the film there and then," IANS quoted him as saying.

"Mohenjo Daro" is set against the backdrop of the Harappan civilisation, which means the team had to do extensive research on the culture, clothing and such things. However, the film's trailer wasn't apparently received well by the audience with people calling it factually incorrect things going out of hand.

Ashutosh, in his defence, said in those times there was a lot of nudity, but that couldn't be shown onscreen, which was why the lead actress Pooja Hegde has been styled in a way the team thought would be appealing to the viewers.

"We have tried to create a world that we had imagined. It is my make belief world. There will be reservations, I won't say it is wrong but I would request one should look at it with little openness," Press Trust of India quoted the filmmaker as saying.

Scheduled to open in theatres on Aug. 12, "Mohenjo Daro" will clash with Akshay Kumar's "Rustom" at the box office.