Hrithik Kangana
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Hrithik Roshan has decided to speak up this time -- on camera. Yes, Krrish actor has finally given an interview to Arnab Goswami for his channel Republic TV.

While the full interview will be aired on Saturday 8 pm, the channel has released a three and half minute teaser where Hrithik was asked how he is being "the victim or rather a subject of stalking" and why he chose to stay quiet for 3-4 years.

Check out the video below:

"First of all I want to say that I am not a victim, I don't consider myself as a victim. I know whatever I say can and will be used against me for who I am, I don't know. I have to be honest that I am very uncomfortable right now. I am not a person who likes to confront. I have never had a single fight in my life - neither with a man or a girl, even during my divorce.

"I know there is absolutely no grace in what I am doing right now. There is no grace in sitting here and testifying for my character and making myself sound right, true and good and by implication making somebody else be wrong, I don't think that is graceful. I was also very afraid. I have been afraid that my words would be misconstrued. If I come across as strong, they might turn me as aggressive. If I show some emotion, they will turn me as weak. If I sound vulnerable, they will think I am looking for sympathy, the list goes on. It's a dilemma in my head.

"If I am walking down the street and abuses me, the dignified thing to do will be to continue walking. It won't affect my life. But, if that person starts hurdling stones into my home and affects the well being of me and my family, then the silence no longer strength, that silence then becomes weakness.

"It's been four years, I think I've had enough."

While we wait for the entire episode to be aired tomorrow, for now, over to you Kangana. What do you have to say about this?