Google's Pony Express
Google's Pony

Search-engine giant Google wants to make life easier for its vast number of users by helping them pay their bills in the easiest way possible. The company is now looking to convince users to use its new online platform for the same reason, where you won't have to deal with anything new or alien.

This new online bill-paying platform, instead of pushing out the feature with a new service altogether, will be incorporated to Gmail. The mailing service will come into major play with Google set to roll out the feature.

Simply known as 'Pony Express,' it will be inside Gmail, which is said to become the next big platform on the Internet to add a bill pay functionality, allowing users to send money or pay bills directly from their inbox. However, the feature is currently being kept a secret and has to be tagged as a rumour.

Nonetheless, if the rumors are to be believed, and indeed Google is working on such a feature, it could change the way we carry out online transactions. And since Gmail is already one of the bigger names out there, the company won't have much to ponder over publicity concerns regarding it.

As reports have suggested, this Google-based online billing platform will allow third-party services to collect the information the user would consider fitting for the bills that need paying.

"For example, if your cable bill was due at the end of the month, and you regularly received emails, or electronic statements from your cable provider – then it would be relatively easy for Google to incorporate a feature which would allow the user to pay that bill," a Hoops News report explains.

The report also mentions that the project won't have much problem getting off to a start that it needs since the kind of technology required for it "or apps that would be necssary to make such a platform function within Gmail," are already available in Google's ecosystem.

Google is known already for running different types of wallet features, having the technology to distribute bills. "Furthermore, they even have many users' credit card, or bank account information on file through Wallet, and other features," the report points out.