Two of television's popular serials — "Yeh Hai Mohabbatein" and "Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi" — have been airing tracks that have led their stars to essay negative roles.

Divyanka Tripathi had to pose as a possessed woman, and Shakti Arora had to play Ranveer's evil twin, Milan, in the show. However, this means they have put in double the effort and prepare for their respective characters. One would imagine this wouldn't put the TV actors in a very comfortable spot, but they seem to be very pleased with the change.

Gearing up for the role, Divyanka used a few reference CDs. "For the evil spirit, I had to shed all my inhibitions because if I cannot convince myself I am a ghost, I cannot convince my audience. I enjoyed this track thoroughly; it was very fulfilling as an actor," The Asian Age quoted her as saying.

Charming actor Shakti, on the other hand, enjoyed and immersed himself in the process of becoming and being Milan. Talking to the leading daily, he revealed how thrilled he was with the idea of playing a character with negative shades. Every time he is given a script, he imagines the scenario in his head and begins thinking the way his characters would.

"That makes things clear to me. Since the characterisation is an extension of my own personality, I have defined each one's mannerisms systematically. Yes, it does take more time on the sets, switching roles, changing appearances etc, but it's all worth it because I love my job," he said.