Wouldn't you want a bicycle which had an automatic lock so you never have to worry about it being stolen?

A group of three Chilean engineering students, who had enough of seeing bicycles stolen,  have now devised an in-built lock out of a bicycle.

The Yerka Project was the brainchild of these three students.

What makes the Yerka bicycle different from all other bicycles? It's because this bicycle is designed to give the rider security, performance and comfort in an all-in-one bicycle.

Safety and security are fundamental concerns of those who own bicycles or cars. With a Yerka bicycle, if a person tries to break the lock, he or she would have to break the structural frame of the bicycle. That would render the bicycle itself useless.

The frame of the bike splits into two parts around the rack, the bike seat slips through both the halves, according to information on the Yerka website.

The USP of the Yerka bike is that has a reinforced collar keyway and a high security cylinder for better protection, the website says. It would take anyone only 20 seconds time to remove the pin and seal the lock of the cycle.

The founder's team includes a 3D designer, aserial entrepreneur, and a Bluetooth developing, solutions provider.

The Yarka bicycle is compatible with grills and baskets. The bike comes with a special key, which remains with the owner. So once the bike is secured to a fence, a stand or to a pole, breaking the special nut-security becomes impossible. Nobody can take away the wheels.

The bicycle is made of steel and hardened aluminium and weighs 11.5 kgs, lighter than the traditional bicycles.

Just like traditional bicycles, any part of the Yerka bicycle can be changed to suit the personal tastes of a person. The bike is available in many shades, the official website says.

The Yerka bicycles come in sizes for everyone; it is available in small, medium, large and extra large.

Here is a video of the 'unstealable' bike: