Thrissur Pooram
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Kerala's cultural capital has brightened up to welcome the annual Hindu festival Thrissur Pooram. It is held during the Pooram star in the month of Medam, according to the Malayalam calendar.

Thrissur Pooram was introduced by 17th-century ruler of the Kingdom of Cochin King Rama Varma commonly known as Sakthan Thampuran. This year, the festival will be held on May 13-14.

The festival will be conducted on the premises of the Vadakkumnathan temple around which the town of Thrissur is built. The main participants of the Thrissur Pooram are two temples - Paramekkavu temple from the west group and Thiruvambady temple from the east group. The festival is considered as the gathering of the Hindu deities, Devas (Devasangamam).

Thrissur Pooram
54-year-old elephant Thechikottukaavu Ramachandran opens Thrissur Pooram festival in Keralatwitter

The main attractions of the pooram are vedikettu (fireworks/pyrotechnics) that will make the ground shake and sky lit with colours and Kudamaattam (changing of umbrellas). During Kudamaattam both the east and west group will demonstrate wide varieties of umbrellas, which will be displayed on top of the elephants gathered in front of the temple.

Being one of the largest gatherings of people from all the communities, Thrissur Pooram is one of the largest gatherings in Asia.

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If you are in Kerala, don't forget to be a part of this cultural festival!