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PlayStation 3 owners have been complaining about various issues on their flagship device, including device lock issue, which was caused due to Sony's v4.45 firmware.

The device is said to hang at the boot screen animation and the locked up device happens to get stuck, reported After Dawn.

Since there have been a lot of complaints regarding this problem, Sony has come out with a solution to fix update to resolve the issue. There are three steps to install 4.46 update 1) downloading the new system software, 2) activate the safe mode installation or 3) to manually update the 4.45 firmware.

The users can follow the steps to install the new 4.46 firmware update:

  • To download the software manually, users will require a USB Mass Storage device with at least 168MB of free space. If the console falls under the CECHA00/CECHB00 category, users will require a memory stick or SD Card or compact flash.
  • Make a folder named PS3 on the media storage or the USB device and also create another folder naming it as PS3 UPDATE.
  • After the creation of the folder, click on thehyperlinkto begin downloading system software 4.46.
  • After downloading the updated firmware from the webpage, save it in the UPDATE folder with the name as "PS3UPDAT.PUP".
  • The user should always keep in mind that all the folders should be named in Uppercase like UPDATE. Else PS 3 will fail to recognize the updated firmware.

Steps to be followed for the active safe mode installation of the software:

  • Press the power button till the beep sound is heard, which signifies that the console is switched on. Five seconds later the device will shut down.
  • For video reset switch on PS3 and hold the power button for next five seconds for reset.
  • With 5 more seconds to it the user will hear the two quick beeps. Release the button immediately.
  • After the activation of the safe mode, the screen will display a command, which asks the user to connect the controller via USB cable and then press PS button.
  • After connecting the USB mode to the controller the new update will get saved on the console.

Steps that need to be followed for manually updating the PS3 software:

  • Firstly, connect to the storage media to PS3 system and choose the 6th option called System Update and then press X.
  • Press start and select alongside. The gaming console System will start and will distinguish between the updated file in storage media.
  • Press right on the d-pad to view the update description and agreement and to confirm press the button X.
  • The console will restart automatically once the installation is complete.