Are you appearing for board examinations or entrance tests, which are giving you sleepless nights?

Exams stress, like any other stress, damages normal functioning of daily life. The screaming voices inside your head - 'do I know the subject thoroughly?' 'what questions may come up?' 'will I answer all the questions asked?'- make you feel irritated and panicky.

It is easy to deal with stress during exams by putting a little effort. Here are few tips which will help you cope with exam stress:


Manage your study time well. Make sure you allow yourself to relax between your studies. Keep your stationery organized with even an eraser or ruler, and most importantly your hall ticket. You may tend to forget your hall ticket while preparing for the exam. Keep it ready before you enter the exam hall so that you do not panic when you cannot find it.


Skipping your meals just because you are busy studying is a big no. Never miss your food but also do not overeat which may cause fatigue and sleep. Eat the food which energizes your nerves and concentration power. Never go empty stomach to write exams, your stomach may grumble during exams and you will lose concentration. Always carry a bottle of water to exam hall.

Place of study

Every individual differs in the pattern of preparing for examinations. You may be a night owl burning the midnight oil or dawn lark welcoming the sunrise. Study in the place where you are comfortable. The comfort level of place is the best place to concentrate and revision for your exams. One may like messy table with papers hovering around, while one may like neat organised study table to concentrate better. It is solely your choice.


All work and no play make Jack a dull boy; you must have heard of this. Studying continuously is not recommended at all. Take breaks in between your study hour, go for walk, watch television, and talk to your family members, which will help you relax and concentrate better. According to psychologists, one can only concentrate properly for about 45 minutes at one stretch.

It is common among all students to be worried during the exam time, do not allow stress to lead over your concentration. Relax and execute your exams well.