Priyanka Chopra is probably the only actresses in the recent decades who had the golden opportunity to make her singing debut in her debut film as actor. The actress' ability to sing was first identified by none other than Tamil actor Vijay and made her a singer under the guidance of music director D Imman in 2002 film Thamizhan.

Priyanka Chopra and Vijay
Priyanka Chopra and Vijay.Priyanka Chopra Facebook Page-Esquire Magazine/PR Handout

In D Imman's Words...
Surprising, isn't? D Imman spilled the interesting story of how Priyanka Chopra Jonas turned a singer Thamizhan, in an earlier interview. "It was ages since two actors lent a voice for a song (in Tamil). We were planning to encash on it. The tune that we composed was simple and easy for artists to sing. So, we felt why not Priyanka Chopra and Vijay lend their voices for the track," D Imman claimed.

D Imman said that they had recorded songs with other actors, before deciding to go with Vijay-Priyanka combination.

On asking how Priyanka Chopra, who was making her debut in acting, was convinced to take up the challenge, D Imman said, "It was Vijay sir who conveyed the message to Priyanka Chopra. Actually, Vijay told me that she could sing. I used to go to the shooting spot earlier to see how my songs were being filmed and Vijay-Priyanka Chopra were shooting for 'Hot Party' number,"

How Priyanka Chopra's singing talent came to Vijay's notice?
"Vijay sir had heard Priyanka Chopra humming the song a few times. He informed me about it. He told that she sings well and 'why don't we try her?'" D Imman recalled.

Priyanka Chopra and Vijay
Priyanka Chopra and Vijay.PR Handout

The 37-year old musician adds that Priyanka Chopra easily sang the number although the actress took time to get the Tamil pronunciation right. "It took seven hours to record the number and she was totally into it," the musician claimed, indicating that she was hard working person.

However, in the later years, Priyanka Chopra did not concentrate on her singing skills and only lent her voice for handful of songs.