Manjul Khattar
Manjul KhattarPR Handout

Many mobile apps like Tik Tok, Snapchat, Hike are performing successfully on social media. People are becoming extremely famous by use of such apps, and companies have found a new way of marketing and it is working too.

Manjul Khattar is one among them who gained instant fame through such apps. This Haryanvi guy got fame from social apps like Tik Tok, Hike and many more. He has not even done a single movie or show, yet Manjul Khattar is very famous and has already made a big fan-base.

He first started to post his pictures and videos of his acting on Instagram, and in no time he came into limelight. He apparently is quite popular among girls, and has a strong social media presence among the youth.

This shows the power of social media that can make anyone a star overnight.