BN Manjunath Reddy was elected the mayor of Bengaluru on Friday. The Congress councillor won the mayoral polls securing 131 votes against 128 votes of the losing candidate.

Reddy, who is the third-time councillor from Madiwala ward, was the opposition leader in the previous council.

He had revealed his personal assets in an affidavit submitted to the Karnataka Election Commission while filing his nomination.

Though there is a modest increase in the value of property, the number of immovable assets have come down compared to his 2011 declaration, reported Citizen Matters.

Reddy, who owned 16 sites and houses in 2010, now has only 11 immovable properties. Also, the number of vehicles owned by him has also decreased from two cars and four two-wheelers in 2010 to one car and one two-wheeler this year.

On the other hand, his liability has increased from Rs 47.5 lakh in 2010 to Rs 1.28 crore in 2015.

Below are the new mayor's assets as declared in his affidavit:


  • Total Assets (2015): Rs 5.84 crore
  • Movable Assets: Rs 14.80 lakh
    Bank Balance: Rs 2.39 lakh
    Vehicles: one car and one motorcycle
  • Immovable Assets: 11 sites/houses worth Rs 5.7 crore
  • Liability: Rs 1.28 crore


  • Total assets: Rs 4.83 crore / 16 sites/ houses
  • Movable Assets: Rs 22 lakh
    Vehicles: two cars and four two-wheelers
  • Immovable Assets: 16 sites/houses worth Rs 4.63 crore
  • Liablility: Rs 47.5 lakh

(Source: Citizen Matters)