Alavudinum Arputha Camera
Alavudinum Arputha Camera.PR Handout

Filmmaker Naveen of critically acclaimed movie Moodar Koodam has blamed Vishagan Vanangamudi's uncle Swarna Sethuraman of Flash Films for creating troubles for the release of his upcoming movie Alaudhinin Arputha Camera.

According to Naveen, he was approached by Vishagan Vanangamudi and his uncles in 2016 to work on a project. He was initially not keen to join hands but agreed to direct a film for them after they convinced him.

In the press release, Naveen claims that they had an agreement, according to which the project was supposed to be completed in eight months. Vishagan and the producers were happy with the script and paid him an advance amount to kick-start the pre-production works, he says. 

The young filmmaker says that he utilised the amount to book the technicians and for the location hunt. However, Vishagan and his uncles lost interest in the project post demonetisation and due to other issues. Swarna Sethuraman later allegedly said that Vishagan was not working in the project and leaving to the US. 

Now, using his money power and influence, Swarna Sethuraman has brought a stay against the release of his latest film Alaudhinin Arputha Camera for not returning the advance amount, Naveen blames. The director claims that he has necessary proof to prove his points and is ready to challenge them in the court.

On the other side, Swarna Sethuraman has a different story to tell as he states that he gave a cheque of Rs 45 lakh and Rs 5 lakh cash to direct the project. Once the director got his money, he left to the US and failed to come up with a script even after 10 months, Sethuraman adds. 

Alaudhinin Arputha Camera is a fantasy film, which is written, directed and produced by Naveen himself apart from playing the lead.