During Bungie's third and final Destiny: The Taken King Twitch Reveal stream, the company introduced a brand new exotic weapon that will now add to the already available powerful exotics in the game that are upcoming with the new DLC.

The newly revealed Exotic is an exotic sword called Raze-Lighter. The Raze-Lighter is quite a powerful melee weapon that is said to run of heavy ammo, sports an exciting jagged design and does solar damage to the enemy.

The perks involved with the Raze-Lighter include increase armour and the ability to instigate powerful solar attacks. Apart from that, it's also capable of blocking incoming attacks, making it worthwhile for melee action without getting killed often.

Destiny's The Taken King DLC is currently set for a 15 September release date.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Twinfinite]