Play Super Smash Bros on your calculator
Play Super Smash Bros on your calculatorNintendo

Yeah, you read it right, you can play the Super Smash Bros game right on your calculator. The aggression of Smartphone adaptation is moving ahead very rapidly. Still there are school and college campuses which still don't allow any of their students to carry a smartphone. So, calculator is the only electronic device they can have. Oh, those super boring devices with lots of physical keys, small monochrome screens that can only be used for critical mathematical calculations.

But Hayleia, an Omninaga forum member has created something new which can really transform the definition of a calculator. He made available a remake of The Super Smash Bros, an impressively-high definition game which is immensely popular among Nintendo 3DS gamers. Following its major success, the developer has decided to release a Wii U version this week.

And surprisingly the remake is for a calculator, so that you can play the same game on a miniscule monochrome display.

Hayleia has actually developed this game for the Monochrome Z80 calculators and for Nitendo GameCube, a home video gaming console and successor of Nintendo 64, which competes with the Sony-made Playstation, Microsoft XBOX and SEGA's Dreamcast.

The game supports Falco and Fox, two unlockable characters, and it has a multiplayer option too. But the most amazing fact is, the game's available for free.

So, if you have a Texas Instrument TI-83 or TI-84 calculators, you can download the game from here. Hayleia has also made the project open source, so if you don't have any of the above- mentioned calculators, modify the source code as per requirement.

The source code currently has 51092 bytes and supports 6MHz and 15MHz devices.