Nick Stekovic

With the constant rise of living costs around the world each year, the recent COVID-19 pandemic, and the global financial crisis, many individuals are finding their existing careers are not able to provide enough income to support their everyday needs as well as provide job security for the present and the future. The time and money required to go back to school for re-education or pursue various avenues of professional training seem to be major challenges.

Nick Stekovic has become a renowned name in the project management world for his ability to successfully help struggling career professionals transition to high-income project managers, within 9-14 weeks. His Project Management Revolution training has been creating waves and catching attention of many.

Nick Stekovic, a 43-year-old from Toronto, Canada came to the idea of building this program 5 years ago after having spent 17 years managing, leading, and consulting top brands, and Fortune 500 companies in marketing, digital, and tech as a project management consultant. The program over the years has evolved quite a bit by focusing on 4 core aspects: self & people management, theory & simulated virtual projects, resume & interview mastery, and custom live coaching. As a result, Project Management Revolution has been producing top project managers that work in leading companies across the globe.

Nick is striving to make his program reach every struggling professional, and he is well on his way. We spoke to this successful young entrepreneur, and he shared some key insights and that can help any struggling professional today in making the transition to a better and more meaningful career such as project management.

Knowledge VS Degrees, Diplomas, Certifications: Project Management can take quite a long time to transition into if you're studying through a College, University, or Certification program. On average it takes 6 months to 4 years in addition to many pre-requisites to complete a degree, diploma, or a certification program. Graduates in the end lack confidence and actual real-world knowledge to pursue interviews or attempt at leading and managing projects and teams.

Unlike the traditional way, Nick's program focuses on shortening the time frame by introducing new innovative concepts. Essentially the method disrupts traditional education as it crunches theory into actual practice using simulated virtual projects alongside pre-filled documents, all supported by weekly Q&A Live sessions that don't have an expiry date?! Rather shocking ... but Nick's unique approach maximizes student's ability to master the material and be ready to manage any project or team.

The program also includes a full resume re-write and interview coaching by Nick to prepare students to get in front of employers, land opportunities, and hit the ground running Day 1.

Work with a coach: There are couple ways of transitioning into this career. The short way and the long way. The short way would be working with a coach or a mentor where you'll get to your goal much faster and save a lot of time and money and hit that first $65k-$75k/year. The long way would require studying on your own, experiment, and spend months, maybe even years until you're ready.

If you're looking for a fresh, high-income career in project management check out Project Management Revolution::