Photo: Nigel Britto Via Twitter
Photo: Nigel Britto Via TwitterTwitter Photo

Whether or not Rahul Gandhi was able to answer all or any of the questions posed is another matter but the salient feature of his much talked-about interview on Monday was the number of times the nervous-looking Congress vice-president repeated words like 'RTI', 'empower women' and 'change the system'.

In fact, a Twitter user has dared people to correctly say the exact number of times Rahul said 'RTI'; a word the 43-year-old appeared to use as defense against literally every question posed by Arnab Goswami.

The interview gained much attention not just in the mainstream press but also in social media. In fact, five of the 10 most trending topics in Twitter during much of Tuesday were related to Rahul's interview. Following are the top 20 jokes circulating in the micro-blogging site: