Radhika Mukherjee

Your life lessons can come from the most unexpected places. The key is to stay observant as well as use them to create an impact. Quite often, we learn something different from the most unlikely places and people. A book, a bird, a friend, a family member, music, or your own self! Sometimes you learn just by observing; at other times, by going through an experience.

Over the years, Mukherjee had picked up bits and pieces from her friend's, family members' stories that compelled her to do something that could positively impact lives. Radhika noticed the impact music could have and decided to do something for the music industry and the people working in it. And Happydemic was born- A happy world for artists and musicians.

It started out as a platform that bridges the gap between upcoming artists and consumers. Today Happydemic has empowered over 200+ corporations and 600+ artists through strategic music solutions for purposeful engagement and to enhance business outcomes.

Music has the power to change mood, emotion, and state of mind. Music can be encouraging if you want a more optimistic mindset or need some motivation to carry on with your day. Music is not just a melodious sound, and it is an unforgettable experience.

"We want to spread happiness in the lives of artists and provide them a meaningful career. Happydemic is a perfect place to promote musicians, and we have built a great chain of talent over the years. We are confident that this platform will open unlimited avenues for artists to showcase their talent. We are very excited to bring in the next music revolution," stated Radhika.

Radhika is always on the go when it comes to observing, learning, and assimilating new things. With her closeness with the music industry for decades, Mukherjee has closely learned about the unpredictabilities, turmoils, experiences, and stories of artists. This urged her to pen it down in the form of a book so that larger audiences could visit such unsaid tales.

Radhika mentioned that "This book is a lesson in itself. It is packed with wisdom from the most influential people, and it will teach you what they learned about success through various walks of their lives."

As a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, now turning into an author to reach the world through her words.