Le Mariage
Le Mariage

Lebanese origin wedding designer Mohamad Ghayad has transformed the business of wedding designs worldwide. Not only by making them as a work of art but also incorporated architecture, art installation, technology, and luxury all together. Since founding Le Mariage wedding design company in 2009 in Beirut, the vision was to make a difference. This has in no small way yielded dividends, that have seen the company spreading its tentacles to Dubai and Qatar where the offices are located.

Le Mariage has executed over 50 royal weddings, bringing artistry and technology never seen before in the wedding industry. Some of the weddings they have created in the past was for the Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani's son in 2019, the royal family of the UAE Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan in Abu Dhabi in 2016, the Al Thani Qatar royal family in 2019, also the wedding for Tamince and √úlker Turkish families in Abu Dhabi and more high-end clientele all over the world.

Certainly, Le mariage had not achieved all of these magnificent feats all alone. They have done so by forming alliances and partnerships with world-class professionals and designers sharing like-minded visions. Mohamad is always putting a lot of effort into finding new, not yet well-discovered artists, form great and talented teams and collaborate with the right people.

"The whole team of Le Mariage is like a family. We always do our best to enjoy the work as much as being absolute professionals in our fields," Mohamad had said in an interview.And beyond the family of the company, Mohamad extends his hand of friendship to collaborators who engage in working with Le Mariage to transform dreams into reality.

Some of the great minds and professionals Le Mariage had collaborated with over the years include Tomas De Bruyne a Belgian floral architect and one of the most successful floral designers in the world, also Preston Bailey very well has known American flower designer in wedding and event planning all over the world especially famous among the Hollywood celebrities. Also, the company worked together with Tuscany Flowers, an Italy based professionals in floral and event designs. Le Mariage collaborated with Pulse Production as well, an international videographer, well known among high-end clients over the world. The company was particularly involved in the "Beyond Luxury" wedding project by Le Mariage for Al Thani family in Qatar.

Le Mariage is an international wedding designer operating worldwide from headquarters in Dubai, Qatar, and Lebanon. The company's mission is to unify art, architecture and designs in ways that have not been seen before. They are experts in large scale transformational weddings and with a big experience and professional team of designers and architects, they are capable of transforming empty space into a masterpiece. And the captain that masters and steers this great ship is none other than Mohamad Ghayad with a humble background now dining with the nobles and kings.